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ARREX-100 Arrex-100 is an E.P.A. registered quaternary sanitizer for use in three-compartment sinks.  Eating and drinking utensils properly washed to remove all food particles, followed by a potable water rinse and the immersion in the sanitizing solution will be sanitized in accordance with health department requirements  Also used for sanitizing and disinfecting of food processing plants and dairies.
4x1 gal./cs.
CONCENTRATED GLASS CLEANER Concentrated Glass Cleaner is formulated to clean and polish mirrors, glass, plastics, laminates, chrome, stainless steel and ceramics.  Concentrated Glass Cleaner is designed to be used through a mixing station for use in hotels, restaurants, offices, hospitals and other institutional users.  Use dilutions will range from 8-16 ounces per gallon.
4x1 gal./cs.
DRAIN-ZYME Drain-Zyme is a unique formula for institutional and industrial drain line, grease trap and septic tank cleaning.  Non-Toxic bacterial spores and patented enzyme blends work together to clean clogged systems and keep them flowing freely.  Use with automatic timed dispenser or manual application.  Safe to all pipe systems and processes.
5 gal. Pl.
ENVIROMINT Enviromint is a heavy duty Quaternary detergent that disinfects and deodorizes as you clean.  Enviromint is designed for all types of commercial and institutional general cleaning jobs.  It is formulated as a concentrate making it economical to use.
4x1 gal./cs.
GREASE BUSTER Grease Buster is a heavy duty oven and grill cleaner that is capable of cutting through the heaviest grease and grime build-ups.  It is recommended for use on grills, deep fryers, steak platters, hoods and canopies where there is a heavy accumulation of grease and carbon.
4x1 gal./cs.
GREASE-AWAY Grease-Away is a highly alkaline general cleaner for use in kitchen and food processing areas.  The product may be mopped, brushed or sprayed on surfaces to remove heavy grease and food soil build ups.  Grease-Away can also be used for regular maintenance cleaning of ovens, grills and deep fryers.  Also good for steam and pressure cleaning of vent filters, etc.
4x1 gal./cs.
5 gal. Pl.
HI-FOAM CLEANER - WITH CHLORINE HDLDC-9 is a heavy duty caustic Hi Foaming alkaline detergent that is used through a Uni-Kem dispensing system.  Excellent for cleaning of built up dirt on walls and floors.
4x1 gal./cs.
HI-FOAM CLEANER - WITHOUT CHLORINE HDLDC-9 is a heavy duty caustic Hi Foaming alkaline detergent that is used through a Uni-Kem dispensing system.  Excellent for cleaning of built up dirt on walls and floors.
4x1 gal./cs.
KLEEN ALL Kleen All is a highly concentrated, thick red All Purpose Cleaner-Deodorizer.  Highly effective and safe on all washable surfaces.
4x1 gal./cs.
PANERRIFIC SOLID POT & PAN DETERGENT Panerrific Solid Pot & Pan Detergent is a highly concentrated, 100% active solid detergent for washing pots and pans along with other manual washing applications.  Convenient storage and dispensing from the easily handled capsule saves space in the kitchen and the storeroom.  This high foaming, economical product is gentle to the skin and safe on aluminum and other soft metals.  Blue, with pleasant fragrance.
4x5 lb./cs.
2x5 lb./cs.
SANI SCRUB Sani Scrub is a premium quality antimicrobial liquid sanitizing hand soap.  It is highly effective hand cleaner which is mild to the skin, foaming in use and offers excellent germ killing properties.
4x1 gal./cs.
SCALE-AWAY Scale-Away is a concentrated phosphoric acid based cleaner with special penetrating agents which allow it to remove the toughest lime scale build-up.  Scale-Away is recommended to remove lime scale and harness build-up from dishmachine interiors, coffee urns and steam tables.
4x1 gal./cs.
UNI-KLEEN SOLID - SF Uni-Kleen Solid SF is an encapsulated solid developed for use where safety on soft metals such as aluminum or pewter is required.  Solid-SF is a completely balanced formulation which should also be considered for use on delicate china and other items where a less alkaline product is desired.
4x8 lb./cs.
UNITROL Unitrol odor control concentrate is a unique product formulated to eliminate odors associated with garbarge, sewage and degraded organic materials.  Unitrol is an environmentally safe solution for these problems.
5 gal. Pl.



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