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Uni-Kem Services:

Uni-Kem supplies and services the most sophisticated dispensing equipment available in the chemical field today.  We provide 24-hour service.

Prompt, Professional Service
Service has been the key to Uni-Kem's success.  To assist in maintaining high quality results and economical use costs, Uni-Kem Chemicals will provide regularly scheduled service at no extra charge

Top Quality Results
Quality results from Foodservice, Laundry and Housekeeping departments are essential to an operation, since these results are under the constant observation of patrons.  Uni-Kem achieves optimum results and ensures customer satisfaction.

Employee Training

In order to achieve the maximum benefits, as well as improve employee efficiency, your Uni-Kem representative will be readily available to conduct personal training sessions, show instructional training videos and provide explanations of any procedure or term in question.

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