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New from UNI-KEM: Dumpster Treat

Dumpster Treat

Dumpster Treat is a concentrated premium natural absorbent granular containing a specific blend of odor neutralizers, natural botanicals and emulsifying agents. Dumpster Treat is effective against waste related odors, typically derivatives of sulfer and ammonia. Dumpster Treat not only aids in containing spills and absorbing liquid, contains a highly effective odor neutralization system to address this class of odors and convert them into odor free, stable, non-harmful compounds. Dumpster Treat is naturally formulated, safe, effective and biodegradable. Click for MSDS

How simple Dumpster Treat is to use:

Step 1:
Use a disposal plastic cup to scoop the granules.

Step 2:
Scoop the granules with the plastic cup.

Step 3:
Cast granules in and around the Dumpster.

Step 4:
Cast a thin layer on the bottom of the empty dumpster. Can apply more for greater odor protection and can also be cast directly on debris.


"I just put a cup full of Dumpster Treat in my dumpster @ work and wow. Unbelievable product is all I can say. Took away odors almost instantly. I had 3 of my kitchen crew out with me when we put it in and we were all amazed at how well it worked. This is a terrific product and I will definitely be using this stuff. I own a restaurant in Ocean City, Md. and we share a compacting dumpster with a 15 unit condo. This product is going to make everyone happy at both properties. THANKS AGAIN!!!"
- Terry Layton - Owner of Layton's on 92nd, Ocean City, MD

"Dumpster Treat works! We have been using it in our convenience store dumpster and the results are great. The product is very effective at eliminating all kinds of foul trash odors and keeping flies away. It takes just seconds to broadcast the granules in the dumpster and the results are immediate. We have noticed a major decline in the number of flies around our dumpster and in our store. Thanks for a great product that has been needed for a long time."
- Jim Hughes - Owner of 7-Eleven

"I'm highly impressed with this new product line called Dumpster Treat. It is extremely effective for combating odors and flies. Thanks for a great product. It is golden!"
- Joe - Shrimp Boat Owner, West Ocean City, MD

"I just would like to thank you for introducing J.O. Spice to the Dumpster Treat product. We are helping customers establish what appears to be an odor free dumpster area that may have affected their customers in the past when they smelled odors coming from there dumpster areas. Now they are smelling cherries. After showing more customers this product we have been told they were using another product but this product seems to work better and cost less. What a combination! Thanks again and keep spreading the good word. J.O. and Dumpster Treat!"
Don Ports - Owner, J. O. Spice Company

"I've been in the restaurant business for over 25 years. In all my years, from busser to owner there has never been a real dumpster solution with the exception of bleach - a temporary fix. Finally, an excellent product - Dumpster Treat. Thank You, Thank You! I give it 6 out of 5 stars!"
- Robert - Owner, On The Bay Seafood - Ocean City, MD

"I just received my first shipment of Dumpster Treat and used it in and around my dumpster. It's performance to destroy odors and flies was beyond my expectations. I know my neighbors around my Crab House greatly appreciate such a wonderful product. I will surely be ordering more! 5 stars!"
- Dave - Owner, OCM Crabs - Ocean City, MD



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